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Monday, December 14, 2015

Super Mario 64 Review

Super Mario 64:
Release Date:  June 23rd 1996
Platform:  N64, DS, Wii U

Super Mario 64, the game that started 3D gaming.  
Super Mario 64 Box Art

Considered a masterpiece among fans and critics,
Super Mario 64 has made it's way from the N64 to the
Wii U while aging great at the same time.  Let's take a look
on how one of the greatest 3D games of all time, should appeal to

STORY:  Princess Peach, ruler of the mushroom kingdom, invites Mario to her castle for a cake she baked for him.  Upon arrival, Mario realizes that the princess has been kidnapped by Bowser!  Therefore, Mario sets out to save her from the koopa king.

GAMEPLAY:  The Mario franchise went from taking players on a side-scrolling adventure to giving them the freedom of roaming a castle in all directions.  Mario 64's controls were very comfortable and have aged so well, they are standards in every 3D Mario game today.  You can long jump, crouch, run, jump and more.  Not to mention the camera, another revolutionary function also used in most Mario games  today.

GRAPHICS:  In 1996, Super Mario 64's graphics were great.  Although, today, not so much.  Super Mario 64's 64 bit graphics have aged pretty badly over the years.  Thankfully, in 2004, Super Mario 64 was given a remake on the Nintendo DS:  Super Mario 64 DS with all new graphics that look al little bit more like Mario games do today.  But for fans of the original like me, the graphics stand out as a large step for gaming.

LENGTH:  Super Mario 64 consists of you running around collecting 120 stars!  It can be long and hard.  It really depends on how good of a gamer you are.  Since there is no map, it may make the experience tougher.  Super Mario 64 is a very long game if you want to fully complete it.  But there are ways to beat without collecting all 120.  The main story can be beat in 14 hours.  Although completing it could take up to 26 hours.

MUSIC:  Super Mario 64's music can be repetitive, but it's very catchy.  You will find yourself singing these tunes a lot.  From the happy Bob omb battlefield theme to the dark and eerie Bowser theme, This soundtrack is sure to please anyone.

FINAL RATING:  Super Mario 64 is a revolutionizing title for the N64.  Whether your playing it at home or on the go with the DS remake, if your a Mario fan, this game is definitely for you.

-10/10 -Gamer's Club

Friday, November 13, 2015

Final Fantasy Review

Final Fantasy:
Release Date:  December 18, 1987
Platform:  Nes, PS1, GBA, Wii, PS Portable, IOS

Final Fantasy is a genre defining RPG for the NES. 
Today, the series is going downfall for lack of story and bad gameplay.  But this was the "Golden Era" for the Final Fantasy games.  Let's take a look on how this commercialy successfull franchise started.

STORY:  When the world begins to die, four warriors of light emerge and are given the task of restoring light to the four elemental crystals.

GAMEPLAY:  Before starting the game, you create your party.  Something very advanced for it's time.  In Final Fantasy, you move through a massive overworld, and battle hordes of enemies in a turn based style.  Gameplay is not too complicated, so it is a good game for new fans of the series.

GRAPHICS:  Final Fantasy's graphics on the NES were great.  There were on-screen animations and colorful landscapes.  Final Fantasy also had some shaded graphics, even on the NES version.  The graphics get better with every remake.    The graphics are at their best on the IOS and PlayStation Portable. 

LENGTH:  When playing through Final Fantasy, you will come to realize:  "This is really short!"  Compared to the other games like IV, V, VI and VII, This one is quite short.  I almost finished it in 9 hours on the IOS version.  Although, the difficulty level of this game is extremely high.  It has been made easier on the newest version for the IOS.  Since it was so hard on the NES, it took forever to complete.  Yet again, it all depends on how good of a gamer you are.

MUSIC:  Today, the series is well known for it's beautiful soundtracks.  That was not always the case.  In Final Fantasy, there is not much music.  For example:  In the newer games, there are many songs, like battle themes.  In this one, only one.  The same battle theme for enemies and bosses...  The same town theme for every town and the same castle theme for every castle.  In the IOS port, they have added remixes of most of the songs to touch it up a little bit, but they still sound the same.

FINAL RATING:  In the end, Final Fantasy started the trend.  It is a game every retro collector should have, but if you are a newer RPG fan, this game is not for you.

8.9/10 -Gamer's Club

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Review

Gameplay Photo
Middle-Earth:  Shadow Of Mordor:
Release Date:  September 30, 2014
Platform:  Pc,PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One

Middle-Earth:  Shadow Of Mordor shows what Tolkien's epic franchise would be, if it was a video game.  It does it perfectly.  What we got was an epic open world adventure.  Not to mention over 45 awards and nominations at E3 2014.  As the 2014 winner of "Best Of E3", Shadow Of Mordor is a game you won't want to miss.

STORY:  After finding out they have been banished from death and a curse binds them together, Talion and the Wraith set out on a journey through Mordor to find the one who cursed them:  The Black Hand Of Sauron.

GAMEPLAY:  Gameplay is extremely fun in this game.  It's like Assassin's Creed.  You can sprint, climb, sneak and shoot arrows.   You can use a variety of runes and equip many items, in the vast land of Mordor.  But the one thing that stands out the most in this game is the Nemesis System.  It is far ahead of it's time.  Every single weak enemy can become a strong captain.  All you need to do is be killed by them.  Really!  It's that amazing.  Therefore, you will not rival the same captain as your friend, for he has never even seen him before, and he probably never will...

GRAPHICS:  Of course, this is a new game, therefore it has amazing graphics.  Everything is detailed, from the shading to the bloodshed.  Every enemy is unique in appearance and every floor tile is different.  I feel like the graphics are at it's best on the PS4, but every variation on each console is great.

LENGTH:  Shadow of Mordor's story mode is extremely short.  It could last you 15 hours or so, although the sidequests and achievements are long and will take you a while to complete and master.  Even if story mode is short, you will never be bored, since there is so much to do. 

MUSIC:  When playing though the game, you will realize:  There is not very much music, or if there is, it is not very well noticed.  The music is practically not there!  I wish there was more music in the game, because in the movies, music is what stands out the most.

FINAL RATING:  In the end, Middle-Earth:  Shadow Of Mordor changes the look of open world games to something far more enjoyable.  And will make you a Tolkien fan, even if you have never read the books.

9.4/10-Gamer's Club

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Review

Ocarina Of Time Box Art
The Legend Of Zelda:  Ocarina Of Time:
Release Date: November 21, 1998 
Platform:  N64

The Legend Of Zelda first saw it's jump to 3D in this epic adventure. It won the Game Of The Year award in 1999 and saw it's own remake on the Nintendo 3ds in 2011.   Ocarina Of Time stays stamped in our minds as one, or if not, THE best game of all time.

STORY:  Link, an orphaned child who lives in kokiri forest, is chosen by the Deku tree to save the mythical land of Hyrule from the evil forces of the Gerudo king, Ganon!

GAMEPLAY:  Ocarina Of Time has some of the best gameplay we have ever seen.  Gameplay is simple, yet very complex.  As you progress, you collect a variety of unique and interresting items, that come in handy later in the game.  Battling becomes more exciting thanks to the lock-on targeting system.  And dungeons are either simple, difficult, puzzling or exciting.

GRAPHICS:  Ocarina's graphics demonstrate what the N64 is capable of doing.  Even if now, the graphics are considered dull to the new games, when I was a kid, those graphics blew my mind, and they still do!  I used to literally call it "The Real One" and not "Ocarina Of Time", really!  And with the 3ds remake, the graphics look even better.

LENGTH:  Ocarina Of Time is one of the franchise's longest games.  (Besides "Twillight Princess".)  It really depends on how good of a gamer you are.  If you play constantly, it should last you 40 hours.  But if you take your time, (Like Me) it could last you up to 6 months.

MUSIC:  Ocarina's Soundtrack is my favourite of the Zelda series.  it is unique.  You could listen to it for hours.  Created by the famous Nintendo composer Koji Kondo, it is by far his best work yet.  Although, it was not orchestrated like "Skyward Sword", it still sounds amazing!

FINAL RATING:  In the end, The Legend Of Zelda:  Ocarina Of Time is a masterpiece.  A game you must try before you die.  And a piece of art that tells people:  "This Is A Video Game".

10/10 -Gamer's Club

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